Sunday, February 28, 2010

Current General Knowledge Objective Questions 2009

16. The Oscar Award for Best Actress has been bagged by—
(A) Dustin Lance Black
(B) Kate Winslet
(C) Vicky Christina
(D) None of the above
Ans : (B)

17. Sean Penn has got the Oscar Award 2009 for—
(A) Best Actor
(B) Best Director
(C) Adapted Screenplay
(D) Original Song
Ans : (A)

18. According to a recent report the percentage of all immigrant founded companies in last ten years founded by Indian immigrant is—
(A) 26%
(B) 30%
(C) 35%
(D) 40%
Ans : (A)

19. STPF stands for—
(A) Special Task Protection Force
(B) Special Tiger Protection Force
(C) Special Tiger Police Force
(D) None of the above
Ans : (B)

20. According to the United Nations World Food Programme (WFP) report the country which tops the World Hunger Chart is—
(A) Sierra Leone
(B) India
(C) Somalia
(D) Pakistan
Ans : (B)

21. ‘Daughters of Shame’ is a book written by—
(A) Jasvinder Sanghera
(B) Mehar Fatima Hussain
(C) Kermit Roosevelt
(D) Shazia Aziz
Ans : (A)

22. Earth Day is observed on—
(A) April 22
(B) April 17
(C) April 30
(D) April 24
Ans : (A)

23. The winner of Chappell-Hadlee Trophy is—
(A) New Zealand
(B) Australia
(C) India
(D) West Indies
Ans : (B)

24. NPs Aulakh has been appointed as the new Chief of—
(A) National Security Guard
(B) Research and Analysis Wing
(C) Central Bureau of Investigation
(D) National Investigation Agency
Ans : (A)

25. According to recent estimates of Central Statistical Organisation (CSO) during 2008-09 India’s national income will grow at—
(A) 8·8%
(B) 10%
(C) 7·1%
(D) 8·5%
Ans : (C)

26. The winner of Australian Open Tennis Women’s Singles Title is—
(A) Dinara Safin
(B) Serena Williams
(C) Sania Mirza
(D) Venus Williams
Ans : (B)

27. Navin Chawla has been appointed as the new—
(A) Director General of Border Security Force
(B) National Security Guards Chief
(C) Central Bureau of Investigation Chief
(D) Chief Election Commissioner
Ans : (D)

28. The winner of Australian Open Tennis Men’s Singles Title is—
(A) Roger Federer
(B) Mahesh Bhupati
(C) Andy Murray
(D) Rafael Nadal
Ans : (D)

29. Indian Cricket team is the number …………… team in the latest ICC’s One Day ranking.
(A) Two
(B) Three
(C) Four
(D) Five
Ans : (B)

30. G-20 Finance Ministers meeting recently took place in—
(A) London
(B) Paris
(C) New Delhi
(D) Horsham
Ans : (D)

31. Who among the following personalities recently visited India ?
(A) Hillary Clinton
(B) Bill Clinton
(C) Martin Luther King III
(D) Martin Luther King IV
Ans : (C)

32. The World Wide Web (WWW) on March 13, 2009 marked its—
(A) 25th anniversary
(B) 30th anniversary
(C) 20th anniversary
(D) 35th anniversary
Ans : (C)

33. Luther L. Terry Award has been given to—
(A) K. Srinath Reddy
(B) K. Vishwanath
(C) Ronald M. Davis
(D) None of these
Ans : (A)

34. Who has recently overtaken Warren Buffet as world’s richest man ?
(A) Mukesh Ambani
(B) Anil Ambani
(C) Bill Gates
(D) Ratan Tata
Ans : (C)

35. The President of which of the following countries visited India in March 2009—
(A) Yugoslavia
(B) Benin
(C) Macedonia
(D) Turkey
Ans : (B)


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