Sunday, March 28, 2010

Latest Current GK Questions March 2010 Multiple Choice objective Questions Quiz

1. Shiv Shankar menon was recently appointed NSA.What is Meaning of NSA

a.National Security Authority

b. national Security Adviser

c. national Stocks Advisor

d. national Stocks Authority

2.Current Chairman of public Accounts Commitee PAC is?

a Meira Kumar

b.jaswant Singh

c.Montek Singh Ahluwalia

d.Gopinath Munde

3.Who is the new Secratary general of NHRC.

a. K S Money

b. Lt. general V K Singh

c.Lt general Deepak kapoor

d. Ganesh Shankar pandey

4.MOH Farook is new governer of

a J&K

b. Jharkhand

c Maharashtra

d. Andra Pradesh

5. Who is Robert gates?

a. US Defence Secratary

b. US Trade Secretary

c. UK Trade Secretary

d. UK Defence Secratary

6.Reena kaushal is first Indian Women

a. to fly fighter Aircraft

b. To reach South Pole

c. Ambassador to US

d. Actress to be Nominated for OSCARS in Technical category

7. Times Person of year 2009 is ?

a. US president Obama

b. Ben S Bernake

c. Sonia gandhi

d. Manohan Singh

8. 97 th Indian Science Conference was held at ?

a. bangalore

b. Thiruvananthapuram

c. Bhubneshwar

d. Imphal

9. National Defence Day is on?

a.march 1

b. March 2

c.March 3

d. march 4

10 World Consumer rights Day is celebrated on ?

a.March 13

b. March 14

c. March 15

d. March 16


1 b 2 d
3 a 4 b
5 a 6 b
7 b 8 b
9 c 10 c


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